Wildcat Evolution

Introducing The New Wildcat Moderator THE WILDCAT EVOLUTION This new Moderator has been introduced to run alongside the Predator 8 and Predator 12, with having the 10 baffle diffuser it is something in-between the Predator 8 and 12 The Wildcat Evolution is a slimmer and lighter version of the Predator, it weighs just 446g and just like the Predator models it is strippable for cleaning and maintenance, The Wildcat Evolution is available in .22: .243: .270: and .30 all interchangeable, and available in standard threads 1/2UNF: 14x1: 5/8UNF and 18x1 (other threads custom made to order) The largest calibre we have tested the Wildcat Evolution on is 30-06, 308 and a 270 short Magnum and it performed very well, for larger calibres like the 338, 300WinMag we would only recommend the Wildcat Predator Moderator. Please specify Calibre and Bridge Thread Size when ordering This product is only available for in store purchase or via RFD transfer. Please contact us via the form below for availability and transfer details.

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